Common Rules

Implementation Plan


For many years, at least at the international competition level, men’s and women’s lacrosse has been played with different field dimensions and field markings. With many new countries introducing the sport of lacrosse, the FIL, at its General Assembly in June 2012, established a set of common perimeter and bench markings, in the hope of making as many of the field dimensions similar so they are more easily understood, remembered and implemented by lacrosse enthusiasts across the globe. Benefits
The benefits in having a common lacrosse field for both men’s and women’s field lacrosse include:
  • Increased chance of having permanent lines included in synthetic surfaces
  • Reduced time required to mark both a men’s and women’s field
  • Less confusion regarding what line is used for what game
  • Alignment with other field sports where field markings are the same
  • Fields can be more easily shared by both men’ and women’s teams
  • Goals can be permanent on grass fields and not have to move for each game Increasing potential for inclusion of lacrosse in the Olympics

Rules For MEN

  • The lacrosse playing field shall be a rectangular field 110 meters (120.30 yards) long and 60 meters (65.62 yards) wide.
  • Each goal shall consist of two vertical posts joined by a rigid crossbar.
  • Around each goal there shall be plainly marked a circle known as the goal crease. The goal crease is a circle with a radius of 3 meters
  • Each goal must be fitted with a pyramidal shaped cord netting which shall be fastened to the goal posts, the crossbar and the ground so as to prevent the passage of the ball. The mesh of the net shall not exceed 1.4 inches (3.81 centimeters).
  • Centre face-off X to wing line and goal line to men’s restraining line remain essentially the same but the measurement has been adjusted to metric.
  • In each half of the field a line shall be marked from sideline to sideline, between the goal line and the centerline, 18 meters (19.69 yards) from the goal line. These lines shall be designated the goal area lines.

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Rules For WOMEN

  • Except for the goal line, all field markings will be 5.1 to 10.2 cm wide. It is recommended that all lines be painted white.
  • Players may wear close fitting cloth sweat bands, but they may not be worn to cover illegal jewelry. Goalkeeper’s shoulder pads may include arm pads.
  • All substitutions must be made through the substitution area.
  • During the draw, a maximum of five players from each team may be between the restraining lines, the centers and four other players from each team. All other field players must be below either restraining line. Players must not step on or over the center circle line or the restraining lines until the whistle sounds to start play. Both goalkeepers must remain below/goal side of their team’s defensive restraining line for the draw.

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